Twitter Card: Images hosted from S3 Bucket not showing




We have recently moved to hosting all our images on the cloud in an Amazon S3 bucket (

Our images are uploaded first to our CMS (Expression Engine), which then uses an image sizer plugin (CE Image) to resize the image and then place this in the cloud and then substitute any URL reference to the image with the URL of the image hosted in the bucket.

When we share a link via a tweet, no image is shown in the twitter card.
Using the card validator, the log reports no errors.

I have run through the troubleshooter, and as far as I am aware everything works as intended.
Using cURL, the Twitterbot can access the HTML document and the images it references in the S3 Bucket.

The only difference I can see is that the plugin we use substitutes a URL that does not include http or https. Instead it uses the URL //

Would this cause the issue?

URL affected (must be public):
examples of URLs used for testing:

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Yes, that would cause an issue. The images need to have the protocol specified in the URL.


Thanks. I got it working…


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