Twitter Card image not showing



I ran into a problem today when client reported that the images from the website is not being pulled when sharing on Twitter. I double checked the meta tags and didn’t find any issues.

I have ran the URL against Twitter Validator however the image is not showing.

This URL shows the image:
This URL doesn’t show the image:

I have checked my robots.txt file, Twitter Bots are allowed to crawl. I have checked other post on this community regarding this topic however I didn’t find a solution.

Please advise


The domain cannot be resolved in DNS from where I am, so I’m unable to check.

I’d recommend checking that the domain where the image is hosted is not blocking Twitterbot via robots.txt, and that the image meets the requirements for the card type you’re specifying.


Hey @navzme I can see that your issue is resolve and the twitter card validates the images. How did you solve it? I am facing the same issue with a blog that I am contributing to.

Could you please check this and help me out.
here is my robots.txt.

Thanks for the help.
Looping @andypiper


Hi @PankajSharma
Place the following lines at the very first in your robots.txt

 User-agent: Twitterbot
Disallow: *
Allow: /wp-content/uploads/*


Hi. I hope you can help me. This url works on the Twitter Validator

It took some time for me to get it right but after editing the robots.txt. the image came out as summary with large image.

But my other urls are not coming out with a large image. Here’s an example

I hope someone can help me. Thank you.


I’ve just checked that URL and the tags specify a standard summary card. The image you’ve got in the meta tags is too large for a summary card, so it is not displayed.


Thanks, Andy.

Yes, you are right. I had to resize my images to get it right.

I appreciate your help and your quick response.

Have a great day.