Twitter Card Image Not Loading In Validator Or Tweets


I’ve loaded different twitter cards to my adobe muse site (using the Muse Themes Plus SEO Ultimate Widget V1.1). I’ve successfully validated the pages using Twitter’s Card Validator. The ‘Title’ and Twitter description load but the images do not. I don’t understand why the images don’t load and why the ‘Summary’ version loads when I’ve selected the ‘Summary Large Image’ version.

Here is an example page where a card should display with this large image

Here is what the card validator shows for the page:


Same problem here


<meta name="twitter:image:src" content="assets//assets/twitterfbimage-recommendedcamerapage.jpg" />

You’ll need to specify a fully qualified URL to your image. It looks like you probably want to use as the value. Also, you should change the name of that tag to twitter:image. I think you’ll be all set after that.