Twitter Card: image no longer showing


Hello Twitter,

We use a Twitter Card (summary card with large image) for our homepage but the image is no longer showing in cards. We changed the image last week: same resolution but 74KB instead of 123KB. The new image doesn’t show up. Switching back to the old image, the old image does no longer show up either.

The image is 74KB with a resolution of 1560 x 819, hosted on a CDN. Meta data looks valid, is whitelisted for summary_large_image card and the card validator ( doesn’t complain. Also, the image shows up when posting the URL on Facebook (see

The URL:

The new image URL:

The old image URL:

The meta data:

<meta content="summary_large_image" name="twitter:card" /><meta content="Refind" name="twitter:title" /><meta content="@refindcom" name="twitter:site" /><meta content="@refindcom" name="twitter:creator" /><meta content="Refind is the home for the best links on the web. Discover and save what matters most to you." name="twitter:description" /><meta content="" name="twitter:image" /><meta content="Refind" name="twitter:image:alt" />


User-agent: Twitterbot

Can you tell us what’s wrong? Thanks a lot!



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