Twitter card image is not showing



Whenever I share post via twitter share button the preview image does not show up (twitter card image).
Please check below code to show twitter card for
meta name=“twitter:card” content="summary_large_image"
meta name=“twitter:site” content=""
meta name=“twitter:creator” content="Quick Heal Technologies Ltd."
meta name=“twitter:title” content="The Top 10 Cybersecurity Stories of 2016"
meta name=“twitter:description” content="Before we take yet another step …"
meta name=“twitter:image” content=“

Here image is 150x150px (5kb only), I have checked with medium image also (250x150) .

Below is code to allow images for Twitterbot in robot.txt:
User-agent: Twitterbot
Disallow: *
Allow: /wp-content/uploads/*

All the images are present in above folder.

Still image is not showing on twitter card. Below is the screenshot;


I would suggest modifying your robots.txt file so that it contains this:

User-agent: Twitterbot


Tanks for replay.
I have added given code in robots.txt i.e
User-agent: Twitterbot

But still image does not show up


Something strange is happening with your robots.txt file - I see a different one.

$ curl -A Twitterbot
User-agent: *
Disallow: /404*
Disallow: /wp-*%


We have used cdn, so updated file was not shown up.
Please check now.

robots.txt contains following code:
User-agent: Twitterbot

still image does not shown up.


Please check and let us know the issue


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