Twitter card for my blog is not working


My blog was approved for Twitter Summary Card but even after several weeks twitter doesn’t show it in stream.


@BubbleIndia, you might want to read the docs again and apply the twitter:url meta tag to your content.
Also make sure the url mentioned in the twitter:url tag matches your actual url and is the one that is approved. If you need additional help contact me through twitter and i might be able to help you.


@martijn_gr, I read the docs again and found that if we’re using OpenGraph tags to describe data. There’s no need to specify some twitter tags such as twitter:title, twitter:description and twitter:url.


However, you can still use them to generate specific twitter descriptions and titles. Which might be shorter than those shown by Facebook or supported by OpenGraph…


i have a problem with twitter card

the twitter card is not working when I test on twitter but is working when I chek at , is there any solution ?
sorry for myenglish



Did you apply at Did you get the email to confirm that you were whitelisted? You need to go thru these steps. It will take several weeks to be whitelisted, due to the current backlog.


@froginthevalley Yes, I did applied for Twitter cards and received a confirmation email too. But still Twitter doesn’t show it in stream.

Here’s the email note, I received on 3 Nov '12 -

"Hello Tesur Rajan,

Your request to be included in Twitter Cards has been approved. We’ve activated Summary and Photo cards for

If you would like to have more domains approved, please fill out the form at again.

Thanks, The Twitter Cards Team"


Not yet sir at the time but i had do it about 8 days ago,
think about how much longer I have to wait sir ?


I am having the same problem. Any follow-up on this?


Any update on this? i have the same issue


+1 on the problem. Main Url shows the card in twitter, sub urls don’t. Sub urls work in the validation phase. ???


Hi, I have the same problem, my site is approved, the validator says everithing is fine but Twitter cards are not working, please help

#13 data from filled and approved. But does not seem to tweets. I waited 3 weeks still did not resolve please help !!!


Hi @BurakKaplan_,

It looks like your tags are missing two things:

1.) twitter:domain
2.) twitter:description

Please add these two and try again. Also, provide a URL so I can test your production card through the validator.




Please provide the URL for us to run through the validator.


Hi @rchoi ,

Thank you for your answer, but “twitter: domain” and “twitter: description”, but still not added. I wonder if the problem on my site, I’m trying to do this for a long time because it does not.


Thanks again. On your website, I see a number of other empty tags:

Can you try removing them and testing again?



I’m having the same problem with the card not showing, one of the pages in question is

I have checked the validator, and have received an email saying that my card is activated (and this is confirmed every time I run the validator)

I have created twitter tags even where these are duplicates of og tags as follows (and always work in the validator):

When I try and go to the page suggested, I don’t get any forms and I am redirected to (dunnot if this helps :))

Any help gratefully received


btw, I forgot to specify, the confirmation email I received was:

We’ve activated the summary card for
If you want to use other kinds of Twitter cards (and we know you do), please make another request.



@rchoi ,
Yes.I did what you said. content does not appear and right corner of the picture does not appear. looks like link from;