Twitter Card for daily deal site (


We have a URL that has a Twitter Card:

The content on our homepage changes every day at midnight Eastern time. At that point in time we’ll see Twitter users posting tweets that contain a link to our homepage (as seen in this Twitter search:“”&src=typd)

I expect these tweets to have a refreshed Twitter card containing data about the current deal. Instead I get a stale card featuring a deal from several days ago.

How can we refresh the Twitter Card cache for our homepage at midnight Eastern time?


Per the Cards Troubleshooting guide, cards are actually cached for up to a week. The way to circumvent this is to use a unique URL or query which would cause the crawler to rebuild the card. Unfortunately there is no way to change this behaviour or modify how often the crawler visits your site.


@andypiper thanks for the response.

It’s my understanding the workaround wouldn’t work for my use case where tweets are going to be organically submitted by the Twitter user typing in the direct URL to the homepage. I would need the Twitter user to submit their tweet using a unique, cache-busting query parameter.

I guess that would work if the entire community coordinated amongst themselves to make sure no one else has used that query parameter before. “Hey, has anyone used ?twitter-cache=229987632 yet? No? Ok, great, it’s mine. Hands off!” But I don’t see that happening.


Indeed, I can’t see a way for that workaround to help here. As I said, unfortunately I don’t see a good way for you to achieve what you want here, short of having a new unique sharing URL every day.


Bummer. I think that just means we have to take Twitter Cards off the homepage.


@andypiper: wondering if there’s been any updates since we reported this over 4 years ago. We’d really love to make sure we’re using the correct card content every day for


There have been no changes to the way in which our card crawler operates.