Twitter Card ERROR: No card found (Card error)


We’ve recently white listed our domain to use Twitter Cards. However, we are running into some issues.

The following article page shows up properly within the Card Validator:
INFO: Card loaded successfully

The following article DOES NOT show up:
ERROR: No card found (Card error)

Any suggestions?


Sorry about this - very odd. I’ve just tried both URLs in the validator, and they both seem to be working now, with your domain listed as whitelisted for the summary card. Are you seeing something different?


Thank you! I can confirm on our end as well, everything is working. Are there currently any plans to perhaps create a facebook-like lint tool for devs to clear cache for URLs?


That is an excellent idea, but I have no idea how high it would rank on our list of possible improvements at the moment - you can be sure we would let you know about it here on the forums if we do provide that feature in the future.

Glad to hear you’re all set now!


Is there any way you can help me. I am experiencing the same issue