Twitter Card Error: Internal Server Error


Hi there.

I’m trying to validate the following page as a Twitter card

However it keeps coming back with

Error: Internal Server error

Any ideas? Thanks so much


Certainly not a helpful message. Will get back to team on that.

That said, do you know if you have any IP restrictions in place, either yourself or your host provider?

Here’s a troubleshooting page with common issues worth checking out:


Thanks so much for the reply. Nope - we checked and asked hosting to check also…

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


What is your hosting provider?

Lets wait to hear back from them. It may help to give them the ASNUM from the troubleshooting page I sent earlier, and the IP list.


Hi - I have done and they say there is nothing their end to block it.

I also set up Twitter cards for which is on the same server and no issues what so ever?


Any thoughts @rchoi ?


Same issue posted on stackoverflow:


Any thoughts? What can we do to resolve?


HI - any thoughts? Still can’t get this to happen…


I am having the same problem.


I’m having the same problem too for the past week.


Same problem here.
And we’ve checked the access logs, which contains the request from Twitter and 200 response.


I checked with my server and got this response:Hello,

I’ve cross-verified the issue and was able to replicate the same. However, the back-end permission and configuration is fine for the website. There was a recent report on the the same issue at Twitter cards not working. Validator returns ‘Internal Server Error’ . However, there isn’t any solutions provided for that. You can refer: which says that issue is with Twitter’s Validator itself. Please contact the twitter support regarding this and seek their assistance.


We are having this same issue. We have validated Cards on all our sites and they are all on the same server and they are all subdomains. This is also a subdomain and we have the same setup technically with this site as the others. We are at a loss. Anyone have a fix?


Hello guys! I’m having the same error message when I try to validate a random post of my blog using the validator. I’m not expert at php and tags so I used the auto meta from Yoast. Can anyone help with it? My Blog page is


I cannot see any twitter:card tags in your pages.


Hi, I’m having the same problem too, but the tags appear to be in place. An example page which won’t validate and generates the error is:


Hey I think now I have the codes by JM Plugin and still have the same error code. I will try to find out what to do…


Hello everyone!

An update has been pushed for the validator to hopefully resolve most instances where “ERROR: Internal Server Error” would be returned. Please give it a try and let me know whether or not you are still experiencing issues!


Ok, checking some URLs on here, I’m still seeing the issue myself. Reporting these instances back to the team.