Twitter card duplicating Title - how to get rid of it?


My twitter and Facebook cards keep showing the title twice without the description and I don’t seem to be able to remove or replace it.

Please see the example shown.

I am using Yoast SEO plug-in which has a Social tab but I am also using Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags plug-in which requires me to disable the social settings so they don’t clash.

I’ve deactivated the FB open graph plug-in and it still remains. “Thank people for retweeting” is coming from the post title and I’ve made sure that I’m not actually putting it in twice so it is just grabbing the title twice.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Debs - sorry you’re having this frustrating problem! Those two fields on the card come from two different meta tags (twitter:title and twitter:description) so it looks like your plugin is duplicating the value into both fields. Unfortunately we don’t build these plugins (either Yoast or the other one you mention) so you’ll need to check the documentation for those to figure out where you’re supposed to put the values.


Hi Andy - thank you for coming back to me. I think I have figured out what the problem was. It was the clash with the two plugins. I needed to tick a box to remove the duplication! It was so simple but incredibly frustrating. Thank you for your time it was much appreciated.