Twitter card doesn't display in tweet


Hello, twitter card not showing in our tweets. Please help
See example

It looks fine in the card validator
thank you


It does not show for me as well, additionally the validator validates fine, but shows me a rather weird preview:

Maybe @andypiper can have a look? (And maybe submit the bug with the validator showing a broken robot to the team working on it?)


Hi @PillieMillie, it looks like the product Card is now showing in your tweet. Can you confirm?


@ePirat, are you still seeing the robot error in the card previewer? If so, please provide a URL for us to investigate.


Seems that was fixed now, thanks :slight_smile: Please note, visiting still causes an empty file download for me instead of i.e. redirecting to actually some useful site.


Great! And thanks for the feedback on the URL… I’ll make sure to tell the team they should implement a redirect.