Twitter card does not work although we have already got the approval ! Why?


Reading through several posts in this category, I think the problem is due to the lack of “www” during my site domain registration process and approval !!
My site domain is and i would like to show twitter card when tweeting the following link:

Could you please help me taking a look ?? Thank you !!


We have the same issue for ALL of our Twitter Cards on papershare as well. for example the tweet pointing to did not result in a twitter card.


It seems to be a general issue !! Anyway, today the card was correctly showed up after making a few change and now, apparently, it’s all ok !! I have added the “twitter:url” meta tag which seems to be not required and even not showed in the Twitter Card Approval tool.

Actually, I really don’t know if it’s worth and makes the difference. This change indeed had no effects until this morning !!