Twitter Card Deep Linking on android "Open in App" option not working?


Hey guys,

On the guide it says

“If a user does have the application installed, you can specify a deep-link into the correlated resource within your own application. When a user clicks on the “Open in app” tap target, Twitter will send that user out into your application. This value is specified in the “twitter:app:name:(iphone|ipad|googleplay)” tags. The app url should be your app-specific URL Scheme (requires registration within your app) that launches your app on the appropriate client.”

If you go to page

you can see the tags listed are

But even when I have the app installed, it still shows as “Get the Calorie Counter app” and the link goes to google play rather than opening the app. I’ve already tested the custom scheme which app definitely opens.

Can anybody help me with this?



help pls


try to add " App" at the end of twitter:app:name:googleplay so it’ll be meta name=“twitter:app:name:googleplay” content=“Calorie Count App” />

but i’m not sure that it’s the problem


Same problem here, did you solve it?