Twitter card approved, but not showing


My Twitter cards for both and have been approved and are validating perfectly but they are not showing on Twitter…

Here’s my most recent article and two examples of the Tweets with no summary cards:


Link 1: – sent via Tweetdeck
Link 2: – sent via Tweet Button




Bump. Any response devs?


I have this same problem on valid and approved, nothing on tweets. I can’t seem to find any help on this elsewhere, either.



3 weeks and no response. What’s the point of having them approved, and asking for support?


OK, Having waited 5 weeks I’ve decided to try a different type of summary card, and now that’s been approved straight away and it’s not working either… c’mon devs, please?


Hi James,

I’ve confirmed that everything looks like it’s configured properly on your side, so I’m going to open a ticket with our internal teams to have them investigate. I’ll update you with what they say.



Thank you Sean!


Hi James,

One thing to try while we’re waiting to hear back on the ticket:

Can you add an explicit entry for Twitterbot in your robots.txt, as defined in the “URL Crawling” section of



OK I’ve set it to:

User-agent: Twitterbot


Hi James,

The issue affecting your pages is that our production crawler only reads a limited amount of the page looking for meta tags, and your current setup has the twitter:cards below a large amount of content.

Can you bump those tags up to the top of the page?



Hi Sean!

I have done this and with new posts (I ran a test and deleted it) it now works! Unfortunately, this means I can’t use the large summary cards as this meta tag usually appears in the post body rather than header (although this doesn’t create a problem for which I also administrate which has exactly the same meta tag layout as my blog).

No problem though, as I have switched to a normal summary tag - just thought I should point out this strange discrepancy.




Just had a look at that discrepancy and it’s down to the fact that my blog has a lot of CSS and script within the page html whereas the other blog doesn’t. Something to learn from anyway!



That’s great news, James.

I’m not sure if you’re able to, but if you move your CSS to an external file it should alleviate this issue so you can use the Large Summary Card.


Hi Sean!

Just to let you know I’ve moved the CSS and JS out of the main page and into external files and it’s now working perfectly on the large summary card too!

Thanks very much for your help!



ha i am trying to display twitter card on my twitter…my url also approve but nothing displayed on my twitter page…and i didn’t get any error also…can you please suggest me how to move forward…actually my main theme is post a tweet on twitter content with image…i am using java script…any help…


Hi Nanduri,

Do you have a URL for us to try?



I’m the developer of a WP extension called JM Twitter Cards. I was not aware of this issue. I used to give the lowest priority to the markup so it displays at the very bottom of head section but I think it’s not a good idea when I read this thread. Will fix this.


Hey guys, I have the same issue… My card is approved and the preview works great.But I see no card in my tweet when I tweet the url:


Hi, I have got a weebly site:

How can I apply summary large image cards for all pages of my site.

When I apply all tags in, there is only one page which is seen on twitter.

Could you help me how I can apply tweet cards for all pages?

My web site " " is a weebly site.


hi… my site i have approved the twitter card, but sad that when i post any article on twitter the card does not appear with the image. Please help me out.