Twitter Card approved and shows up in testing tool, but not on site


Our Twitter Cards app for was successfully approved, and using a site URL displays correctly in the testing tool. However, the cards are not rendering in the stream. I am a whitelisted user, so I see other Twitter cards. Is there a delay in how long it takes for them to show up?


I have the same problem. Our application was approved but the cards weren’t shown. We use wildcard domain names (i.e. * for our content. I am not sure if that is a problem.


Were you able to fix the problem?


I’m having the same issue. Has anyone determined how to get this working? I was approved almost three weeks ago, and still no Twitter Cards, but the same URLs in the preview card show the summary card just as I had hoped.


Guys are anyone able to fix the problem, i am having same problem too.


Please use this thread for support on cards - [node:12866]