Twitter Card Approval


I submitted for a twitter card approval recently. When I check my card on the validation portion of the twitter developer site it works fine it just says that my whitelist approval is waiting. The site I submitted it for was and the twitter handle is @JucoReport. I would have used that account for this forum but the activation email would not come through. Could you please check the whitelist approval to see if it has gone through. I fear that it wont since the email I used is different then what I set the account up on. Also once approved would it be possible to set up a few accounts to tweet out cards from the site such as my otther twitter handle @KrisWatkinsPSB.

Thank You


Thanks for reaching out. I see that a twitter:description tag is missing. Do you see the same in the error messages?


Thanks for responding. I got an email saying my card was approved and to submit for different type of cards. I got approval for summary_large_image . So I tried to submit just a normal summary card, and it says my site is approved but under the card sample it says still not whitelisted. How do I submit different card types?