Twitter Card Approval - URL or Domain?


Hi - if you get let’s say your home page approved using the verification / approval tool, does that mean that your other URLs on that domain are also approved (that is, the DOMAIN is approved) or do you have to separate URLs on the same domain approved one by one? Thanks! David



Thanks for the question. You only need to validate one URL per domain name for each type of Twitter Cards that you want to support. If for instance you would like to use both Summary Cards and Summary Cards with Large Image, you only need to submit approval with one URL for each of the two types to enable them on your entire domain.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!



What about subdomains? Does the approval for the main domain for a card type apply to those as well or do that have to be validated separately?


Absolutely! You should be able to request the validation of all your subdomains at once when submitting (e.g. *