Twitter Card Approval Process


Hi, everyone!

I’m a bit confused about how to best use Twitter cards. Based on the documentation, it seems that every card must be approved, but what if we wanted to have a card for each video we upload to our site?

It would seem that sites that have a lot of dynamic data would have a difficult time requesting a card for each page, so I’m guessing there must be another option. I can’t see a site like Vimeo requesting a card for each video someone uploads.

I know I’m not Vimeo, and I don’t have that pull, but is there another option out there? Or is it something more like, once you get some approved the others become automatic?

I’d appreciate any help someone can give me for this process.




I have the same question on this. We have over 60 twitter profiles with thousands of pages so I am confused on when we need to use the Validator. Also, how long does it really take to get approved?