Twitter card approval / not working


HI, I received an email immediately after I requested approval for Twitter cards saying We’ve activated the summary_large_image card for - but when I Tweet the URL the Tweet doesn’t work.

can you please check to see if our account was approved? The card validator looks good.

I see that our domain is approved. but for example, this link doesnt work when I post it as a tweet:

Please advise

Thanks in advance,


It looks to be an issue with the twitter:creator tag. If this is included, it cannot be left blank. I would suggest always having a value or not including it at all. Give that a try.


Hi @jbulava,

we fixed the tag issue.

When we tweet the URL, the text shows up - but the user has to expand to see the photo. By default, the image is collapsed. what do we have to do for the image to appear expanded by default? we see this behavior in other streams and want to do the same.

Thanks in advance


Great, glad to hear the issue was fixed!

Only photos attached to tweets and Vine videos are pre-expanded. All cards need to be expanded by the user.


I had the same issue. Spent a lot of time configuring photo card and eventually got a hidden photo.
Only a link showed up, no header, no photo. At the moment i see no reason using twitter cards because the photos are hidden. Is there any workaround? Should I somehow create a tweet and attach a photo to it? At the moment I`m using a simple without any javascript. Could anyone help me? I would prefer keep using a simple link for sharing.


The cards do not display in the timeline by default, they appear when you click on the expand link. Can you share a URL where you have setup a card and I’ll take a look to check that things are working correctly.


Here is the link. Its just a test mode so its soooo big)
Basically I want a user to share an image generated on my site. But at the moment with tw cards Im sharing a website link with dynamically generated iamge (think of it as a preview of the page). Images will be different for users. Seems Im doing it wrong.


The Cards service caches images for up to 7 days so you won’t be able to have different images on the same URL. If the image and URL are unique then it should be fine. I’ve just validated that URL and it works OK for me, the card also displays fine when I tweet that URL.


May be you could advise me on how to tweet just an image and some text? I’ve read about media sharing via api but could you explain me in a few words the workflow:

  1. My popup with twitter login form.
  2. Send form via api and get response
  3. Get a oAuth token from response or what?
  4. Next use that token for sending image via api?

Maybe you could share some links on proper documentation pages.
I’ve never worked with oAuth so it’s so hard for me to start with. Thanks


Hi, same issue.
I received the validation email for my twitter card but when i tweet the link, only the link appear.
Can you check it?
Here is the image link:
And here is the web site landing page:

I recorded the image link in the twitter card and i’d like the clics to open the web site landing page.
Is there anything wrong on my twitter card request? (pls note that the preview was ok)


ok, fixed, forget my question


Hi Guys,

How do I receive the validation email ? When I tried to validate my URLs it says that my domain name has been approved but I haven’t received any email from Twitter.



The validation email should be sent immediately following your card’s approval. The email is simply a courtesy; there is no additional step or instructions to follow. If you card is not working for some reason, please let me know and include an example URL in this thread.