Twitter Card Approval for Tomorrow's Release


@froginthevalley We submitted for twitter photo card approval. Would it be possible to get an approval for our launch tomorrow? Thank you very much!


Approved, you should see cards attached to your tweets with links to your domain in the next hour.


Hey again,

We’re putting up another site that we’d like to use the cards for. The website is In the submission form I’ve placed so you can see the site before we move to We’re planning on pushing the site Thursday night. Would it be possible to get approval by then?



Check you inbox for an update.



I received the email saying I was approved, but the photos cards don’t seem to be working. I’ve just tried tweeting:

Do you have a guess as to why it might not be working?


Hello @froginthevalley - Thanks for the approval! We tried to generate a twitter card in the past 24 hours (, but it doesn’t seem to work. Could it be a mistake on our side?

The Twitter Card preview tool ( seemed to work when we tried this link:


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