Twitter Card approval for subdomains that don't yet exist


I’m building a web application (eg:
It’s users will get their own subdomain. (eg:
Certain pages on will need Twitter Product cards. Those pages will have the required metadata filled out dynamically by our app as the pages are created or modified.

BUT itself (without any subdomain) does not need any Cards and doesn’t have any of the required Metadata required for cards.

Because of this, I can’t run the card validator on in order to get prompted to submit the domain for approval and thus get * approved.

What is the right way to go about this?
Temporarily add bogus metadata for a non-existant product to my index page at in order to gain the ability to submit?
Or is there another way to go about requesting approval in a situation like this?




Hi Jay,

Sorry for the delay. For now, it’s best to write a card for the domain so we can review and whitelist for the * domain for all the sub-domains.

We will take into consideration the type of card you’re whitelisting for as well as how end users publish cards into approval consideration.

After you submit, review + approval may take up to 3 weeks.