Twitter Card Analytics/Data Not Showing Up Despite Card Validation


I have validated that twitter cards are working, however I am not receiving any analytics. It says “data not available” … I have had Twitter cards in place for months now, so I am curious as to why there is no data. I reached out to my web developer and they did not know either. Any assistance in getting the data to show up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Twitter card analytics:

Proof card is validated:


Can you share a link? Are you sure that you’ve included the twitter:site tag in your metadata?


Here is a recent link:

My web developer assured me that the tags are all in place, but I will double check that twitter:site is there. Thanks again.


Unfortunately it does not look like that tag is included at the moment, and that is required to make Card Analytics work.


Thanks so much. I will tell my web developer that this needs to be in place. Again, many thanks for speedy reply!


Cards working fine on my site. Have been in place for day or three.

The Twitter:Site meta tag is present and accurate.

But Card analytics are not showing.

Does it take a while for analytics to show?


Yes, potentially, if there have not been enough interactions with the card, the data may not be at a point where meaningful aggregates can be shown. If the interactions are below a certain threshold there may not be enough to anonymise them sufficiently.



Also I have the Twitter Card Meta tags only on specific pages which are the ones I am tweeting about.

Does this impact the Twitter Card analytics ?

My assumption is that the analytics are related to the tweeted web page only and the Twitter users interacting with Tweet and that web page.


Yes, my understanding is that this is how it works, too.


I started Cards on June 17 2016 and have 3.7 k impressions since then. Should that be enough to get Card analytics fired up?

not seeing anything in the Card analytics yet.


Do you have an update on this, @globalppaidcard? Maybe your problem is related to this thread?


The Twitter Card metrics started showing up about a week after I had set up the cards. Maybe there is a threshold of # tweets etc that has to be passed before the metrics work.


I see, thanks for your fast reply! :slight_smile: