Twitter callback url problem with Twitter connect


I’m using the connect with Twitter button to use the @Anywhere features on my page. I set the call back url to (not foo, my real site) when I hit connect, it says “Something is technically wrong” I checked the settings, they all check out. The permissions are correct and I just don’t know why it’s not working. I believe its something wrong with the callback. The callback info is here:

Thank you


Can you share the HTML you’re using to include the @Anywhere Javascript and the invocation around this button? The read, write, and DMs permission isn’t appropriate for @Anywhere since access is not supplied to direct messages, have you considered using read & write permissions as the default level?


my tweet not working…version problem…help me…


anyone please share working twitter image share for latest version(PHP script)


my tweet not working servis
problem please help me guys