Twitter buttons not updating with tweet count


Hi there, we’ve integrated twitter tweet this buttons as part of our website, the buttons themselves work fine and send the relevant information into the users stream, however the tweet buttons themselves don’t seem to update with any kind of count.

Example of the button in use here:

Any help greatly appreciated.


Ah, looks like web intents will fix my issues


Help, I copied and pasted the twitter button into the html of my website, but since have changed the name of my twitter account, and now need to update this - as at moment there is no record of the last twitter account how do I update, or remove and repaste? Thank you


Find where you pasted the HTML into your site. There should be a part that looks like data-via=“YOUROLDUSERNAME” – that’s the part you want to change to @partypopsonline (or whatever screen name you’re changing it to).


Help me, I copied and pasted the twitter tweet button code into the jsp page of my website, but unable to get the tweet count update.


Hello Friends

I have added the tweet button on our site .But its not counting the tweet.

Please help me