Twitter button with count not working


I’d be grateful for help fairly urgently please - I have an ordinary twitter button on a charity campaign site, but despite many tweets the count is not updating. It has been a couple days since it was live so shouldn’t be caching related.

The website is Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’ve made sure that the server supports HTTP Head requests and have tried a separately generated button here: All seem to remain at zero.


Your shared URL is different than your destination URL, which will affect counts. Define a data-counturl attribute on the Tweet button anchor element to define URL to be used for counting purposes.

A request to is redirected across multiple domains:


Try setting your counturl to a canonical representation of the final destination page. Setting a link canonical on the page should also help.


Hi Niall, thanks for your reply.

The website is usually only viewed at except for users in the USA (redirected by IP address to a USA specific site). The USA site is a different site and the twitter share is only intended to count shares of The link is used as the initial redirect as a quick solution because the link was failing to work in the redirect plugin.

Does this complicate matters? I’m not entirely sure what to try? I have already used the data-counturl parameter to in the second test (link 2 in original post). Grateful for your advice.


Are you able to serve the page to the Twitterbot User-Agent or requests originating from Twitter IPs described by AS 13414?


Hi Niall. Really appreciate your responses. You’ve helped me realise the issue was in the redirects. So I looked at whether I could stop the redirects for Twitterbot user agents as per your suggestion and found that the Geo Redirect WP plugin I’ve used enables me to add ?no_redirect to any url so I’ve added it to the data-counturl parameter with the main site URL to stop it redirecting. It is now counting the tweets. Thanks again!