Twitter Button - Tweet Count is Off


Hey there,

I am using the Twitter button in a Wordpress installation and some of my posts have an incorrect number of tweet counts on the button. For example, it shows 13 tweets, but if you go to it will show that it should have 138 tweets. That’s a pretty large difference. Another example is It shows 94 tweets but shows it has 166 tweets. Anyone know why the number could be off this bad?

Here is an example of the code I use to get the button:


Any help would be appreciated.


I have been doing a little digging and it seems that I am not alone in this. I have been sampling articles from other sites that have the twitter button and their count is also off. Also it seems that this problem only effects news web pages, or tweets (not sure which), after Dec. 17th. Anyone else know anything about this?


Mine has twitter count 2 in IE and 21 in firefox. It’s not cut off via CSS either as the a title confirms the count number.

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