Twitter Button not Shortening a URL


When I press the Tweet button on my webpage the shortened link does not display in the “Share a Link on Twitter” pop-up box. Inspecting the element using developer tools the shortened_url variable is also not displaying as a address.

It also shows a display of 77 characters remaining but when I click tweet I get an error that the tweet is over 140 characters. (Next to the tweet button)


An example of this problem can be shown on:'s-Liede-Running-Shoe/p/ARBF029-016-ALL

You cannot see the incorrect display from that link but you can see that the counter will not increment.


Are you using Internet Explorer when experiencing this issue? Recent versions of Internet Explorer have a bug in XSS protection that in certain circumstances can cause apostrophe characters to cause issues.

However, the shortened link will not be shown on in the tweet dialog initiated by the Tweet button – the shortening happens once the tweet is submitted. The character count should indicate that the shared URL accounts for 20 characters if its an HTTP-based URL and 21 characters if its an HTTPS-based URL.

I do notice that you’re not “purely” using the Tweet Button here and are using an intermediary technology called AddThis – have you ruled out any issues the use of AddThis might have?


In my development environment I added the Twitter button from Twitter’s website and I still get the issue. This is happening in Chrome.

It seems that if I copy the browser url into the Tweet box on the live site it will shorten correctly.

When I am testing in development the Tweet post looks like the following: Shop Li-Ning Mens Arc Running Shoe Shoes

Could the shortening issue have something to do with the link not being online?


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