Twitter button not publishing shortened URLs

#1 shortened URL shows up when clicking the button, but in my actual feed, it uses the long link (on all pages on our site)

Link to a story:

Tweet button produces preview with: Breaking down Moss vs. Revis | National Football Post via @mattbowen41

In my feed it displays: Breaking down Moss vs. Revis | National Football Post… via @mattbowen41

The link still works. But is this by design, or is something not functioning correctly?


Hi Erik,

This is by design as you suggested.

All links sent through the Tweet Button will be turned into links. When a tweet is delivered via the API to a client supporting [node:127], they have three versions of the URL denoted for them: the version, the full URL originally supplied, and a “display URL” containing the ellipses at the end for efficient, tight display. The Twitter website leverages all this metadata to “unwrap” URLs for display.


How does the URL act when the Tweet is being Re-Tweeted, Quoted, etc? Does it continue to truncate?

This seems to make it difficult to Re-Tweet.


When it’s retweeted using Twitter’s native retweet function, the tweet body is kept in tact as it was originally issued (meaning that the link is preserved, along with the entity metadata associated with it). Behavior when quoting or using non-native retweeting will vary client to client depending on how much the app developer anticipates the needs of their users.


all this is nice but I need to copy that shortened link and insert into my database. How can I do that?
Reason to keep history of what has been tweeted and to know where and what was linked.


You can’t accomplish that directly using the Tweet Button. You could potentially monitor the streaming API for links to your domain and track them that way.


I have this problem:
The Tweet button I’m putting into my web page does not turned into link, or even shortening.
Anyone could help me?

Santiago, Chile


I have this problem:
The url m sharing using the tweet button, doesnt get shortened or turned into link. Please help me to resolve this…Thanks