Twitter Button in plugin – counter doesn’t increments



I made a free extension for Joomla which incorporates Twitter button but I am not sure that the Twitter button is functioning properly.

I have read all the other posts on this matter.

My extension has option to enter URL for domain to share with the Tweeter share button, but I am talking about Tweeting per page, without filled in fields : data-url and data-counturl.

I tested it with my Twitter account and it works – count increments, but I am puzzled about situation where I see in Google Analytics that other users tweeting but twitter count isn’t incrementing.

I would be very grateful if someone could try to test click just to tell me if button is functioning properly or I should change something in my code.

Web site is :

Thank You very much.

I hope that this will not be treated as a spam, because this problem has been torchering me for some time. I am afraid that users which install plugin will abandon it because Twitter button isn’t working properly.

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