Twitter Button double counts first tweet


I have the Twitter Button installed on my blog and it’s working ok, except for one thing.

When I tweet a link to a new blog post, the twitter button always jumps from 0 to 2, probably related to it being the first tweet. Subsequent tweets tick it up by 1 as normal.

I’ve checked this with Twitter’s own button site ( and the third-party WP add-on I’m using ( It’s been replicated with several of my posts, such as this one:

I know that sometimes Twitter doesn’t index all of the tweets or doesn’t return all of them in the search, but the jump from 0 to 2 happens immediately after my first tweet about the post. There’s no way that someone else has tweeted the link before that point.

Has anyone experienced this or have an explanation for it?


Thanks for the report. We’ll update when this is addressed.


Having the same issue, one tweet becomes two, two become four and so on.




Same problem with me, tweets are doubled each time.

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