Twitter Button Doesn't Show @Username


We’ve come across a scenario where when one user views our plug-in, it correctly shows the “Follow @username” button with the follower count. However, for other users, they only see “Follow” with the follower count - no @username is showing. Any ideas why this might be and how it can be fixed?


Can you share example usernames this happens to or a web page URL where we can observe it happening? Thanks!


It isn’t username specific. Here’s a link to a page where we’re using the plugin.

If you click “Enter”, the box pops up and we see three Follow boxes - no username. However other people do see the Twitter Handles - same page, same code, different users, different display.

It appears it might be browser specific - viewable on PC Firefox but not PC Chrome.


I can’t seem to reproduce the issue, but there may be some conflict between the deprecated (and very soon to cease functioning) @Anywhere framework you’re using on that page and the Follow Buttons.


When you view the post, are you able to see the @username on the follow buttons using Chrome? We deactivated the @Anywhere plugin and it’s still not displaying for us.

It’s unusual because you’d think if it was something on the site, then all users would be affected, not just a portion.