Twitter Button doesn´t work with some spanish letters



I have a website in spanish and I am using the twitter button to share. I had configured the button to share from the url using the title of the page (the title is included in the url) and with language “es”.

The problem is that for the articles that have accents and the letter ñ (ñ) in their titles the button doesn´t recognize the lenguage and is not showing the count.

How can I fix this? Can I change the charset?

I hope you can help me.



You’ll need to percent-encode those letters to be technically valid within URLs. Are you manually supplying the URL?


Thanks for your answer.

The url is generate with PHP from the title, so is working dinamically. But now that I can see maybe the problem is not just the ñ or the accents because in titles that contain question marks (?) I have the same issue.

I know I don´t have a friendly url in my site so maybe the app is having problems reading the url structure.

Here you have a couple of examples to see the difference that I am talking about.

Thank you!!

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