Twitter button counts and URL normalization


Recently, I’ve played with Twitter button to study it’s counting behaviour and got quite a confusing numbers. Didn’t find any details which might explain it so decided to ask here:

Firstly, I wanted to find out if the posted URL is normalized for the counting purpose. For example:

  • Are the following 4 urls counted separately?

  • It seems that query params are somehow sorted as ajax call for (jkwi=ref&mmm=1260&wow=true and mmm=1260&wow=true&jkwi=ref) reply will returns the same url value


however, changing order of the URL params returns different count. After a while (probably when cache clears) they become equal.

Beyond the URL normalization I have some other observations as well:

  • From my tests I discovered that first tweet will result in counter showing 2 or 3 and this remains constant with the time

  • Sometimes following a tweet of an url, the count of the twitter button goes down to 0, after a while and refresh of the page the count starts to show correct number

Note: in all above tests the tweets are done directly via and not via the button

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