Twitter Button Counter not rendering in IE, FF is OK


I have a problem with Twitter Button rendering in my website. In FF it works perfectly (Firebug does not show any errors). In IE the button is rendered correctly but the upper counter box is not displayed/rendered.
There have been no related changes on the website for about a week.

Any suggestions?
Urban M.


Can you share the URL where you’re experiencing this on? Thanks!


Yes, sorry.
Link -
The same happens on every sub-page.



I also encountered this today. It seems to be a generic problem as it exhibits itself even on IE8 and older appear to be affected, IE9 is OK.


There are some issues with the new/updated widget.js. The loading seems to be the problem.
Hope that the fix comes ASAP.


Right, I’m getting an issue where IE keeps saying “Waiting for http://…” forever. I didn’t connect these two issues until just now…


The problem has been fixed, at least in my case. The loading bug is gone.


I can’t make the twitter button visible in Internet Explorer 8 or 9

Below is the code I use:

What is wrong?