Twitter button count


Twitter button on my site show 0, but in the test environment is correct … and the code for the button is identical!
The page I link in the data-url is a private page, so if I request the page the result is to be redirect to login page.
This can be a problem?

The code I use to render Twitter button is:

<a data-text=“My Text Twitter” data-url="@String.Concat(SpUtility.ApplicationURL, “/twitter/tweet.aspx”).ToLower()" href=“” class=“twitter-share-button” data-count=“horizontal” data-lang=“it” hashtags=“hastags1,hashtags2” >Tweet


Yes, the infrastructure that powers the Tweet Button will make requests to your site to verify that a Tweet Button actually exists before counting tweets for you. If it can’t get to your server and verify the Tweet Button is there, it won’t count the page.