Twitter button count not working


we have implemented Twitter button on our website to share the website on Twitter. but the Twitter count is not working. It is not working and not maintaining count. we have googled alot about this and also discuss this on Twitter Forum. But no answer found. Please let me know how to solve this issue? what wrong I am doing because of that it is not working.


Rahul Anand


Idem for me.

Please help:

Thanks in advance


Hi Javier,
From what I see when I went to the link above your tweet button started working. I have similar problem on my page here:
Tweet count appears only for some (very few) posts on my blog. Could you give me any tips how you went about this problem??
I would really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!


Hi Lavaya,

I can’t help you because I don’t know why button begun to count.

But I can tell you that one or two days after I wrote here button magically start counting without change anything in code.

Good luck