Twitter button and js events (callbacks and text)


I need help developing a tweet button using javascript. After i tweet something i need 2 things :

  1. a callback that let`s me know the tweet was performed and

  2. the text of the tweet

  3. I got it covered using‘tweet’, onTweetFunction);

  4. If i cant do it directly, im not sure how to do it .I was thinking maybe after the tweet i can get the id ,and then check by id if the text matches what i need… (to help you understand what im asking: im going to have a social feature on my website where if a persons tweets my message he/she will get bonus points. I don`t want to give bonus points to persons who share a random text message. I want to be sure they have my link in the tweet)

I know i can achieve this using php sdk,but i don`t know if i can save a permanent access token after user first signs in using twitter.

If possible ,i would prefer the last solution ,using php.

Thanks for your help,
Radu B.


Hi Radu,

We don’t provide any detail about the newly created Tweet through Intent events; we don’t provide user identifying information through unauthorized mechanisms. If you want to interact with the user or their content, you need to build an app.



Thank you @BenWard . I created an app ,everything will be authorized and well explained to the user. What i asked is how i can achieve posting the tweet as intended by the website. It seems the solution will be to use php sdk ,and from what i read , the access tokens are permanent (until revoked). Am i right?


Yes, you can use an SDK in your server-side language, and there is no timeout on user tokens so you should store them (but be aware that users can revoke tokens from their settings page.)