Twitter buttom message - how to combine own text + page name. A REAL KNOWLEDGE CHALLENGER!


When embedding a twitter button to my website, is there a way to combine the data-text with the page title? I have the working button code but I need to customise so that the tweet text is a combination of my own text + the current page name, as well as the URL.

The way the coding is configured is that you can have custom message but this will replace the page title tag. Is there a way to have both? I have very basic knowledge of HTML coding. Can anyone please tell me how this is done?

At the moment the text message reads: “the current page name” + “the current page URL” + via “@my user name”

I need this to read: some text + “current page name” + some text + via “@my user name” + “the current page URL”

Something like this: Worth checking out “the current page name” sold by our company “via @my user name” “the current page URL”

I know it can be done but nobody seems to know how!!

I would like to use the data-text without getting rid of the title of the page.



Does anyone know how to do this? pleaaaaseeee!!


There must be someone out there who knows how to do this!!


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There must be a Twitter Guru who knows how to do this!!

Anyone please!!


I know it can be done; I have seen it done!! does anyone have any idea?

Thank you!!