Twitter Bot generates live talk sessions on request - messages spam



Hi there,

we have created Squabble ( a Chrome, iOS and android app that allows live public audio discussions between two users.
In addition we have created a twitterbot that allows twitter users to easily create a session and take the discussion live. The user has to write to @squabblebot and the bot creates a new live session for him and replies with a tweet containing the unique URL of this session:

@fabian_rauch: Your live talk is ready. Join now: & Retweet this to invite your followers!

During testing we ran into the problem that we didn’t receive any tweets from the bot anymore and could solve this only by changing the wording of the reply tweet. We therefore think that we ran into some kind of spam filter.

  • Can anybody tell me whether this is possible?

  • Is there the possibility to get rid of this filter as our bot offers additional value to twitter users? If yes, who can I contact?

Thank you,