Twitter blocking my host IP - need to put in whitelists


I’ve experiencing problems on getting a Twitter widget to work on my website.

It’s hosted by and I’m using a Wordpress template do build it.

The information I’ve got from template designer support was:

“Please look at the highlighted text -
That text is an error that comes from twitter banning your hosts IP. Please ask them to ask twitter to add their servers to the white-list.
Those are error messsages that i outputed so i can check. Ipages has IPs blocked by twitter. Ask them to solve this issue. That is the html request that i parsed from the twitther json timeline. Twitter blocked the server that you are hosted on because of too many requests. They need to add ips to whitelists.”

I tried solving this with, but they said:

““We are unable to find any issue with the twitter in your website. You need to contact Twitter about your issue.””

So, I have to ask you for some help here.

This is my website: In the footer area, you will see twitter last tweets working. But, the problem I have to solve is: this widget is loading tweets from another account. I have to make it work for the correct account, wich is @SocialCom_BR

So, please, I relly need some help here, so I can identify ho is responsible for this problem solving.

Thank you very much. If you need further informations, feel free to ask. You can write to


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