Twitter Basic Rules?


I just clarification about Twitter.How many Activities to do in twitter like Tweet,Retweet,Favorite etc…for all Function In Twitter per day???


Those are all listed in the account limits section of our support site.


This material is not clear.Its didn’t mention about Reply/Favourite/Retweet etc…
Could You elaborate??


They don’t provide that information because it’d make it too easy to work around their anti-spam systems.


Replies and retweets are just Tweets, so they count the same. Note that we also have automation rules that will limit your ability to automatically do these operations.


Retweet with Content=Quote Tweet
Does also consider as tweet???


Yes, that’s just another Tweet, so yes a quote Tweet counts in the Tweet quota.


Thanks for your Advice…And I want know about Twitter Following per day?How many people follow per day.& also per hour???