Twitter Authentication Error


Hi am using Twiiter Authentication in my website .
In that if i am authenticating with another account it gives follwoung error
System.Exception: 'An error occured while parsing the Twitter response.'
Please Help me


Are you able to provide any code snippet or example?


TwitterConnect twitter = new TwitterConnect();

                    //LoggedIn User Twitter Profile Details
                    DataTable dt = twitter.FetchProfile();  **(getting error on this line)**

                    Session["TwitterName"] = dt.Rows[0]["name"].ToString();


I assume you’re using this tutorial? I’m not familiar with the TwitterConnect() method you’re describing, unfortunately. I found a similar issue on StackOverflow. Have you considered using a library like Tweetinvi instead?


yes but same issue come


If you provide the Exception returned by Tweetinvi I will be able to investigate and help you further.

You can read more on Exception Handling here :