Twitter auth anywhere


I have next question:
I used anywhere.

function twitter() {
twttr.anywhere(function (T) {
var currentUser, screenName;
if (T.isConnected()) {
currentUser = T.currentUser;
screenName =‘screen_name’);
} else {
T.bind(“authComplete”, function (e, user) {

1. I did Sing In on twitter 2. I press button first time 3. T.isConnected() return true; 4. I press the button again 5. T.isConnected() return false; Why?


@Anywhere is deprecated and will cease functioning completely on March 5, 2013. I would recommend just not using it.


You can tell: where can I read about the use of REST API v1.1 + jquery?


API v1.1 requires OAuth 1.0A, which is not secure for usage in purely browser-based client-side environments. We don’t recommend using API v1.1 via jQuery alone.