Twitter Audio Card mark ups restricted only to SoundCloud and Spotify?


My site has quite a lot of AUDIO content and i would like to enrich the social sharing experience by using the audio content in conjunction with Twitter Player Cards.

I may have missed a post, but it seems one can only achieve this via SoundCloud or Spotify?

Is this correct? or am i misinformed?

Resource links me to a github page but the sample code pack seems to be targetted at video. I’m looking specifically for audio (and i guess, with the associated thumbnail image)

Thanks in advance


The player card is aimed primarily at video content, but will work with audio content also. The special Audio cards you’re referring to are indeed via specific partnerships with companies like Soundcloud and Apple and are not generally available to all developers.



Would one have to approach/pitch to Twitter to whitelabel one’s site for an
audio card then or are such applications currently not entertained?


Sorry, these are strictly limited at this time.


Noted - thanks


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