Twitter Archive not displaying correctly or rendering correctly - IE9


Just found the new Archive feature and downloaded it, without any problem.

But when trying to open it (clicking on the index.html file) within the Zip, I get a page that looks like this (see attached screenshot that I cannot attach because this forum does not have that functionality…)



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This is an offline archive of your Tweets from Twitter. Use the months above to navigate the archive.


is it a javascript issue?

I COULD investigate it further, but I will charge $150.00 per hour of testing, bug tracing, tracking & reporting.

Although I COULD negotiate that price if you remove my silly follow limit.


Why can’t I search the forum/discussions? Sure someone else is asking this exact same question, perhaps even at this exact same moment in time!

I LOST my Subject details when I previewed this post! I’m invoicing you for $50 therapy fees!


I have the same issue using every browser I have. I feel like if we could just download a correct index.html file we would be able to see our tweets


I have the same issue. Big proponent of being to download my Twitter archive but the index.html file’s not working. This is something I’d assume should be huge when dealing with archives, and I’d imagine Twitter’d want to fix this immediately.


I just read that the file needs to be unzipped. But you need special software for that. So what I did instead is right click on the zipped ‘tweets’ folder that was downloaded, then click ‘Extract All’. Then send them anywhere else, like Desktop or Documents or whatever. This will take out all the files from the zipped folder and plant them somewhere else.

Then go to the destination you sent them and click on the index.html, and it should display correctly then.




Very good! Thank you!!!


I Dont have EXTRACT ALL :S