Twitter Archive: After downloading it can I delete my tweets?


This may be a somewhat dumb question, but I just downloaded my account’s Twitter Archive. I am wondering if, when I delete tweets online, my tweets will be deleted from my archive.

I want to be able to save my old tweets for me to view, but I would like to delete them from my actual account online.



Your archive is an offline copy. It contains a dump of the included Tweets in JSON format and does not load them from the Twitter server. So, you should be safe to delete your Tweets in public. Please check that the archive contains the media files for any media Tweets you may have posted.

You might also consider setting your account to protected instead of deleting the Tweets, however.


Thank you for your response. Is there a way to double-check that I have the appropriate media files downloaded. If I disconnect from the internet and open the index.html file I am presented with my text tweets but no images even my profile photo.