Twitter application suspended


I have been using my Twitter API app for automatic posting from last 2 years and it works perfectly. Yesterday, suddenly it stops adding new users to my app where i followed all steps using Twitter OAuth process and permissions. I am not finding any specific reason on Twitter policy page behind this.

Can someone please help me on this?


Unfortunately, for privacy reasons we aren’t able to answer questions about specific enforcement actions on the forums. However, if you believe your app was suspended in error, you can write in to our team using our API Policy support form.

In general, I would recommend reviewing the Twitter Rules and Automation Rules to ensure that your automatic posts are consistent with Twitter’s spam and automation policies.


I noticed that my app was suspended yesterday for nothing. I only tested with few accounts. can you explain that issue? what can be reason? you have to give real , exact and clear reasons for this kind of issues to end users. b. regards,


says : Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!
You can search Twitter using the search box below or return to the homepage.

my app only used to test for a few weeks, how can it tagged as suspended? what kind of api-terms you have that we do not know? we have a right to know exact reason as an user. please provide real reasons. b. regards,


Hello. Let me explain a problem with the current setup you have with your platform. We have a premium account that allows us to add dev environments. Today our stage/Dev app in a environment got suspended.

If you think about it these test-apps are by nature “spammy” since they are often part of CI and the development cycle where the tweets might not always make much sense. It would be very helpful if we could have test accounts that fly under the radar from your spam catching AI. A true sandbox experience.

There is really no point in having development environments if the apps added to the environments are suspended. Notice i have no issue with offensive language etc. all of that makes sense. But “spammy behaviour” is so difficult to define. And I assume you have AI bots that flag these down.

Obviously we need to change our tests and CI to use less spammy behaviour. But now we are stuck. Where do we reach for help? using the DM for support is not supported… How can we get unsuspended? Where do we reach you? So we can start over.

Now we have a suspended application and we are terrified to add a new app to our environment and start over since we are scared the main environment with our live customers will be flagged. We have a major release we need to test and wanted to release today. Where do we go from here?

Can you please help us reach someone to help us out.


I want to explain what I did so far with my app.
1- I used my 2 accounts to get hometimeline
2- I used search
3- I posted to my accounts.
that is it.
what can be reason? even there is no any interaction with others?
it is unbelievable.
I used generally “test” word in my posts, is it restricted? b. regards,