Twitter Application Authorization


I have a Twitter application that sends out predefined tweets every time I update a certain page, and at the moment it only tweets to my Twitter since it’s the only one that has the application authorized.

The web app is meant to be linked to multiple Twitters by having the users authorizing it to tweet to their twitter. I would like for the users to be able to click a link and it will authorize the application for them, sending them to a page where it let’s them know what the app does and how to unauthorized it.

I basically need help creating the authorization script/page. Can someone assist me in doing this (with php)?

Summary: I have a Twitter web app that only tweets to the account I created it on, and I would like for users to be able to authorize it so it can tweet to their accounts as well.

You can view a test of the page and the script here: (the tweets are posted to @TestTing7)

You can download the files and view them here:

(Virustotal Scan report:


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