Hello Twitter team,

I had posted this on a previous thread titled “ERROR: Required meta tag missing (twitter:app:swift:name)” but i have not received a reply.

We facing the same issue while trying to validate the twitter card. The url which has the metatags is,
The app id’s are specified correctly on the metatags but we still get the following log when trying to validate,
INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 22 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = app tag found
WARN: Not whitelisted
ERROR: Required meta tag missing (twitter:app:swift:name)

It would be great if you can help.



Has anyone got a view on this please? It’s been over week since I asked this question on another thread and did not get any replies. So I posted it as a new topic today to get the attention. Any response will be much appreciated.


Hi @Playfolly,

By default the app ID is looked for in the US app store.

940141226 is the ID specified in your meta data and does not appear to be a valid ID for the US app store.

A couple things to try:

  1. If your app is not in the US, specify the country using the twitter:app:country meta tag.
  2. Double check you have a working application ID. Reply here with the URL to you app if you can.




Thanks a lot for getting back. The app is not available in the US yet. It is available only in specific countries across Europe and the app is registered in the UK. The metatag specifies
So I’m still not sure what the problem is.



Hi @Playfolly, just finished taking a closer look. Should be a quick fix. Change the twitter:app:country value from “UK” to “GB.” That should do the trick.

Working example with your app ID:

Apologies for the unclear error message.

CINF-586, CINF-712


Thanks a lot for your guidance. Works fine now. I really appreciate your help. Thanks

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