Twitter App Suspended, can't reach a human at Twitter


Hi there,

I run a twitter account called Print ur Messages. Whenever someone tags us and uses the hashtag #PrintMyTweet, we use the streaming API to print their tweet out on paper, take a photo of their tweet, and then reply back. Recently our app was suspended from Twitter, which we understand. We have implemented new rate limiters in our backend that we see another popular Twitter bot doing that isn’t suspended (@catsu).

We have sent a ticket to Twitter a couple of weeks ago, but we have not received a response. Do you know if there’s any way someone here can take a look at the ticket? We’d like to continue printing people’s messages and to grow our audience, but we can’t because our app is suspended.


Print ur Messages


As stated in our pinned topic, nobody on these forums is able to look at information related to individual accounts or apps, nor are we able to comment on individual cases (or comment on others by comparison).

If you’ve filed a ticket and have responded to any automated responses appropriately then it will be in the queue for review as soon as our teams are able to get to it.

It is also worth reviewing the developer policy and all associated documentation including the automation rules.

Thank you.

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